Don’t Even Ask Me to Explain It

Those who know don’t talk.
Those who talk don’t know.

Close your mouth,
block off your senses,
blunt your sharpness,
untie your knots,
soften your glare,
settle your dust.
This is the primal identity.

Be like the Tao.
It can’t be approached or withdrawn from,
benefited or harmed,
honored or brought into disgrace.
It gives itself up continually.
That is why it endures.

-Lao Tzu-
(Tao Te Ching, chapter 56, translation by Stephen Mitchell)

Don’t Even Ask Me to Explain It

I was visiting with a friend, and talking about how good I was feeling about how my blog has been going the last few days. Then, along comes today’s chapter. Lao Tzu always has a way of pouring a bucket of ice-cold water on me. Just when I think I have things all figured out. “Oh, you think you know so much, do you? Well, those who know, don’t talk. It is only those who don’t know, who talk.” Yeah, I am not much liking today’s chapter.

Well, I may not like it, but I will endure it – to be like a newborn, to return to the primal identity, to be like the Tao. That state of being is what I want.

So, I will close my mouth, block off all my senses, blunt my sharpness, untie all my knots, soften my glare, and let my dust settle. Wait for it… Wait for it… It isn’t something to be approached. And, it isn’t something to be withdrawn from, either. It can neither be benefited, nor harmed; and, it cannot be honored or brought into disgrace. It gives itself up continually; yet, it endures forever…

Don’t even ask me to explain it. You can’t know it. You can only be it.

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