He Wouldn’t, or Couldn’t, Just Say No

This past Friday night, I slept through two tornado warnings – and the premeditated and unprovoked attack on Syria by the United States, Great Britain, and France. I awoke Saturday morning to the news, and surveyed the area surrounding my home, finding no damage – I can’t say the same for Syria.

Why couldn’t we mind our own business? Why must our solution, to everything under the sun, be acts of aggression, violence, intervention, where we have no right (legal or moral) to behave in such a way?

I have come to the conclusion that America’s wars of aggression are as common as tornadoes in the spring. Only our bombs do far more damage.

I am 54 years old, so I have witnessed countless initiations of aggression by the imperialistic United States against sovereign peoples all over the world. The justifications are always the same, I am always stunned that they are uttered with a straight face by these perpetrators of violence. And today, as always, I wonder why it is that the millions we have killed have no defender. No one to stand up and apply the same justice against us that we claim to have the sole right to administer.

I am disgusted and ashamed to be an American citizen. But, Howard Zinn was right, when he said, “There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”

Those who say Trump is a puppet are both right and wrong. He is a puppet, but he isn’t Putin’s puppet. He is a puppet of the Deep State. Just like his predecessors, Obama and Bush. The evidence of that is incontrovertible; so, much greater than the contrived evidence against Assad.

So, here, I take my stand. The US government does not act for me. Its will is not my will. Its purpose is not my purpose. I do not, and will not, abet its wars. And, today, I offer a dire warning to all of us who live in the United States of America: America will reap what it has sown. We can’t, and won’t, escape the Law of the Harvest: As you have sown, so shall you reap. America likes to think of itself as a “Christian” nation, but it has never heeded the words of Jesus concerning judging, “As you have meted out justice, so it shall be meted out to you.” Our days as a nation are numbered. Will we make it to our 250th anniversary as a nation in 2026? I highly doubt it.

Today, I weep for the people of Syria; and the people of Yemen, the people of Libya, the people of Iraq, the people of Afghanistan, the list goes on and on and on. And, I weep for my own country. But, justice will come to the United States. And when it does, I will weep no more.

5 thoughts on “He Wouldn’t, or Couldn’t, Just Say No”

  1. Excellent insights. I’m new to the Tao but thank the God beyond my once overly religious and literal mind that He and She have graced me with the courage to nigh well commit what I would have thought was blasphemous — consider truths outside of the Bible. Well, what I’ve discovered by even Prophets in the Bible is that it has been mauled and maninpulated by the overly religious fundamentalists. Fearful people. What strikes me as truly unbelievable is just how parochial my “intelligent” mind had become (daily debriefings are required and enjoyed now).

  2. Yes, as an Australian I can tell you we are unfortunately tight with USA on these war matters. All because of that ANZUS Treaty we signed decades ago. So in a way it’s worse for us. We don’t even get asked or consulted by our Goverment whether we should be involved, it’s a case of the USA is in, so we are in. Protesting is futile. The flip side of this is the ever encroaching restrictions on our privacy and freedoms due to increasing homeland security measures that are a reation to the ‘terrorism’ (I use that word reluctantly) which is caused by the wars. Truely cyclical. As a Taoist I practice observation and non-involvement, but I can’t help being miffed and frustrated by these behaviours of our Governments. Love yor blog BTW, been reading it for a while now.

  3. Oh dear, sorry about those typos in comment above. Should be ‘Government’, ‘reaction’ and ‘your’. Typing this on my iPad, big fingers, tiny keys, lack of good proofreading.

  4. I have been a libertarian Taoist since 2012… the simplicity and humility and selflessness is logically obvious to me. Yet recently I have meditated on America’s nuclear responsibility. How does a libertarian America handle the burden of a nuclear world with nuclear enemies? Just curious of your thoughts.


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