You’ll Have To Look Inside Yourself To See It

The Master keeps her mind
always at one with the Tao;
that is what gives her radiance.

The Tao is ungraspable.
How can her mind be at one with it?
Because she doesn’t cling to ideas.

The Tao is dark and unfathomable.
How can it make her radiant?
Because she lets it.

Since before time and space were, the Tao is.
It is beyond is and is not.
How do I know this is true?
I look inside myself and see.

-Lao Tzu-
(Tao Te Ching, chapter 21, translation by Stephen Mitchell)

We have been talking a lot about letting go of, or throwing away, our ideas of how we think the world should operate. The problems we are facing are only exacerbated by clinging to them. What Lao Tzu is offering to us is being one with the Tao. Being one with the Tao, or in harmony with the way things are, is all about returning to our common Source. Or, like Lao Tzu depicted it yesterday, drinking from the great Mother’s breasts.

Stop trying to grasp this. It is ungraspable. If we are going to accomplish this, we have to let the Master serve as an example. She doesn’t cling to ideas. She doesn’t grasp. She ungrasps. She lets the dark and unfathomable Tao, illuminate her.

I am going to keep my commentary brief today. Why? Because my posts lately have been overly long; though, I hope, illuminating. There isn’t anything really new to say today. We have been saying this all along.

We need to let go and let the Tao. If that sounds a whole lot like “let go and let God” good, that means you are getting it, somewhat. Not because the Tao is God. We covered that in a much earlier chapter. What is God, but our notions of how to make sense of it all? But, the Tao predates our notions of God. The Tao is before time and space. What are time and space but our notions of the way things are? Well, the Tao is before that, too. It is beyond is and is not. What is Lao Tzu trying to say here?

That we are still resisting. We still don’t understand that our ideas of what is, and is not, are holding us back from being in harmony with the Tao. Lao Tzu knows this is true; because he looks inside himself, and sees that it is true. Dare to let go of all these notions. Dare to look inside yourself and see. Let the Tao illuminate you. What do you see?

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